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Yogalicious Retreat at Forster Yoga Studio

We are excited to present this weekend retreat to you! This weekend is created to empower those who are feeling deflated or stuck or unhappy with their bodies and their health. Whether you are struggling with menopause, stress, or body weight does not matter: we have the information you need and the tools and methods to empower you toward feeling absolutely in love again with your gorgeous body and life!

Lydia Irving from Internal Instinct, our in house nutritionist has the knowledge and talent to deliver to you the latest findings in nutritional health about hormones and nutrition as well as explain the link between your feelings, actions and how various foods affect you and why.

Mia T is the founder of Forster Yoga Studio and knows all about self empowerment as a single mumma managing work, family and home. She will teach you how you can re-wire your brain into healthy habits and positive body imaging. In her classes you will heal, uncover shame and guilt to set you free towards a path where you learn to love your life and yourself!

From a well of self-acceptance and love the positive habits around food and movement will spring. This is our wish for you to get from this weekend together.

The retreat spans across two days, and has a 2 hour lunch break on Saturday and an early finish on Sunday. This is to make the package flexible for the locals as well as the visitors. If you are visiting from out of town, we can recommend healthy, nutritious lunch or even cater it for you: please ask when booking.

At the end of the retreat you will receive a tool kit with Lydia's delicious recipes and top tips & habits for living a healthy, self-empowered life.

Retreat schedule:

Saturday- spring clean inside & out:

9.30-10.30 Self Love: energy and psychology affect your body
10.30-11am mid morning break
11am- 12.15pm Self love yoga class
12.15-12.30pm journal & affirmations

12.30-2.30 lunch, go to the beach, meditate, self care time

2.30-3.30pm Lydia Gut + female hormones information
3.30-4.30pm Learn how to make Chia pods -”create your own goodness”
4.30-5.30pm Restorative hormone balancing class & meditation

Sunday- Yoga & Rewiring

9.30-10.30 Lydia: The importance of the Parasympathetic & deep breathing for the Mitachondria (the cellular powerhouses).

+ work through tool kit & how to use it

10.30-11am mid morning break/ start working on tool kit

11.00-12.15pm Yoga class + breathing exercise to stimulate calmness and feelings of being empowered

12.15-12.30pm Commitment to self. With love. With the support of the group.


Because we are doing several yoga classes as part of this retreat, it is limited to 20 people. Bookings essential.


Retreat location is at your favorite studio: Forster Yoga Studio. xxx