Nutrition Consultations

Nutritional Medicine is a holistic practice, recognising that illness and disease may be a consequence of the whole body not being in balance, rather than isolated systems. As a qualified nutritionist Lydia follow’s the naturopathic philosophies to health care. Lydia will endeavour to treat her clients with a gut focused holistic approach to uncover and heal the root cause of any dis-ease in the mind and body.


What to expect?

What ails you? This is where your journey begins with Lydia. It is important to understand that a single consultation is not the solution to your health troubles, nor will it layout the path to your health goals. An initial consultation with Lydia is the first step in your therapeutic education. You wouldn’t expect to go to a yoga class once and come out in great shape, you don’t expect to meet your therapist once and have complete self awareness, on the contrary, these are life long endeavours that require constant attention. Nutrition is no different. Your body is unique, it is forever changing, and it requires constant care, love, intentional awareness and support. First Lydia will work with you to clarify your current unique health. At this time you will also be carefully determining your health goals. Expect this to require at least an initial and follow up consultation. From here Lydia can formulate therapeutic plans using food as medicine in order to achieve established short and long term goals.

What you will focus on

  • Dismantle fears around food and health

  • Break away from diet culture

  • Take responsibility of self care and wellbeing

  • Connect with how your body interacts with food and environment

  • Support the body’s innate ability to heal

  • Empowering you to take control of your diet

  • Learn how to make food more digestible

  • Education enabling freedom around eating

  • Lifestyle and environment changes to accommodate wellbeing

    Discovering your individual health and implementing changes can be challenging and overwhelming.
    You will need a good support network to achieve this and Lydia will work with you to establish this.

WHat Lydias Clients have said

Most of my life I’ve had ups and downs but not ever found the root cause. My first consultation with Lydia was fantastic because finally someone was listening to my bodies complaints. Lydia has so much amazing knowledge on health... it inspires me to be better.
Lydia pin pointed the cause of my problems and explained it so I’d understand how everything works.
The changes to my health have been incredible and it’s only been a few months so far... which makes me extremely excited about how much better I’ll feel in the months to come.
People invest in so many things in life but forget about themselves... I decided to invest in my health because without it you don’t achieve much in life.
You really are what you eat! I know that’s said all the time so the value of it doesn’t sound as grand but you don’t put petrol in a diesel car because you won’t get far...
“1’ve always had underlying gut issues for as long as I can remember, whether I wanted to believe it or not. It recently got to a point within the last 6-9 months where I was constantly sick with a cold, feeling bloated, burping excessively and suffering from eczema. This was when I reached out to Lydia to try and fix my issues from the inside out. I was reluctant to go on some crazy diet and scared I was going to not be able to eat anything delicious, but Lydia took a realistic approach to my lifestyle and needs. She has such a warming presence and genuinely cares about getting to the root of your problem, instead of just chucking a bunch of supplements and a crazy diet at you.