Lydia Irving (BHSc)

I am holistic gut feeling nutritionist (Bachelor of Health Science) who finds her own jokes hilarious! 

I had a beautiful, wholesome upbringing on a small organic hobby farm in Mid North Coast NSW. My parents have forever run whole food cafes and my father worked in Public Health. So, despite my best attempts at being an artist or thespian - food and health was running through my veins (both figuratively and literally). Not to mention my grandfather being a science teacher and owning a certified organic produce farm and my grandmother doing yoga back when it was considered voodoo. 

I was also “blessed” with a hypersensitive immune system - that presented largely in my enlarged tonsils. I have from a very young age, always been able to feel if something is harmful to my body. I’d come home from every birthday party sick. This leading me to understand how what we consume can impact us negatively. During my time at uni I started to see clients who all presented with gut issues that coincided with their main health complaint. This is then when I really started to see how what we consume can impact us positively. 

I am here to educate and inspire self health awareness. I want to invite you to think critically about your health and the world around you. There is such a great and rapid development in the world of health and I want to provide another portal for this information to filter down.  

I spent time in Guatemala doing an internship in a small business that makes fermented probiotic foods called Love Probiotics. During the months I lived in Guatemala I developed hands on skills for making all different types of ferments from sourdough to mead!!

Finally, through education, I seek to empower my clients to understand how each unique individuals gut health impacts their over all health. Through an understanding of what food to choose and how to best prepare food for optimal nutrient absorption my aim is to provide my clients with vital information and accessible dietary/lifestyle changes to take control of their own health.

Lydia xx